Monday 3 November 2014

Trade4target : Introduction And History of Pune Stock Exchange

Trade4target : Introduction of Pune Stock Exchange

Pune Stock Exchange: There are many regional stock exchanges in India. Our regional stock exchange i.e. Pune Stock Exchange Limited stands 7th in the country. Pune Stock Exchange Ltd. is a company limited by guarantee. The Exchange was established on 2nd Sept. 1982 to cater to the needs of the growing investor community in the city. Trade4target is provide stock exchanges tips to the investors.

Starting small, with 35 members and a few lakhs rupees business initially, the exchange has grown tremendously to over 185 members and about 15-20 crores of business daily. Much of the work is computerised with a smooth settlement system. Over 310 companies are listed with the Stock Exchange.

The Exchange, while providing an efficient market also upholds investors‘ interests and ensures redressal of their grievances. It also strives to educate and enlighten investors by making available necessary information inputs. , SMS are sent to your mobile from high end SERVERS and reach within 10 seconds.

Pune Stock Exchange opted for the on-line screen based trading in 1995. The Exchange has been successfully using a screen based Trading System, based on veetor and developed and implemented by CMC Ltd. The present operations cover 183 broker members and 9 workstations for administration, Market Operations and Surveillance activities of PSE.

Pune Stock Exchange has been looking into the possibilities of widening its activities to different parts of Pune city and to other cities like Satara, Sangli, Solapur, Kolhapur, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Nashik and Mumbai.

On 30th October 1982 the first trading at PSE was conducted in which 22 listed scripts were traded. Initially the trading was allowed only in the securities which were listed on PSE. Thereafter the trading was also allowed in the securities which were listed on the other stock Exchanges, under "Permitted Securities". Due to this, the turnover was increased substantially. From October 1982 to February 1996 the trading was conducted in the traditional fashion i.e. in the trading ring by way of open cry out system.

On 15th March 1996 the trading activities were switched over to the most advanced computerised system to fall in the line with the system prevalent in USA & Europe. PSE was the first regional stock Exchange to implement the online trading system. The project of online trading system was undertaken by CMC Ltd., a Govt. Enterprise and the same was completed successfully under the name style as VECTOR SYSTEM.

With this new system, the brokers now need not assemble in the trading ring for execution of their orders. Ttrade4target can conduct the trading by sitting in their offices from which their computers are connected to the main computer of the Exchange through Local Area Network. The orders are compiled by the main system during trading hours and are matched by computers with the principle of "best bid is matched with the best order." The moment trade is matched, it is instantly informed to the members which he can visualise on his computer screen. Trade4target is leading and advisory company.

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