Friday 7 November 2014

Trade4target : How to Invest in the Stock Market

Trade4target is help to investment in share market for investors and give tips and all over knowledge.
So, how does one invest in the stock market? Most people I talk to rely on quick tips or word of mouth, to trade in the stock market. But I feel that is a recipe for disaster. As if you stop and think about it how old is that information, you just got the quick tip on? Especially in a world that trades stocks, in a split second, if you're a split second too late you may be out of luck.              

You can also do the tried and true method of doing all of your research, making sure the company has the correct PE (Price Earnings) ratios, little or no debt, made the fortune 500 lists and etc. Buy the stock and hope it goes in the right direction. Trade4target is give good stock tips and various packs are available.

Then there is the method of analyzing the charts, as some say, the charts always TELL the story. Funny how one of the best chartist I know stated that he could predict the market with reasonable accuracy. So I inquired, does that mean 80% accuracy? Or even better maybe 90%? No actually he admitted that he was probably right 50% and wrong 50% of the time?? He claimed you should manage your portfolio a different way, by having a backup plan for every type of trade you make. That way if the trade goes against you, then you do x instead of y. REALLY that's the best approach?
So what is an average individual to do?

Don't tell trade4target you want to turn your money over to somebody else!
First off I think you need to get educated, on how the markets work and then get some good education on trading the markets from somebody who has worked professionally in the markets, and trading them. Don't bother getting your education from a salesman who sells you Mutual Funds or an insurance agent who claims he knows what investments are right for you. If the person is selling you a product, they have a direct conflict of interest in your best needs so trade4target is the best platform for investors.
Since most people that trade themselves in the stock market do NOT, and I repeat DO NOT, make any real money in the stock market.

You always have to be right betting on the market going up or going down.
Compounding only works if you are right 100% of the time. If you are wrong along the way, you start eating into your principal which is disastrous for compound growth picture. Compound growth also works in a negative direction as well.
A trade that benefits from the passage of time, can generate a positive CASH FLOW out of the market and you do not worry about the market direction that everyone else does.
Trading like this has REDUCED RISKS and MUCH higher returns. But who trades like this?
Mostly the people who trade the markets, are called floor traders/market makers. They rarely if ever trade market direction. Yes you read right they do NOT TRADE market direction.

But isn't that what everyone has always been taught buy and hold.
So if your down in your position the market will eventually rally back up to make you whole?
Not necessarily. You don't worry about stock market is always with you.

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